Things I learn from Pinterest

Raise your hand if Pinterest is the best and worst thing to ever happen to your life and productivity!

I’m with you.

I seriously waste more time on that site just looking at projects and recipes than I do making them. That’s kind of silly since I am supposedly doing all this looking for inspiration…but you know how that goes. I have implemented some awesome things so far though! My boyfriend and I put together a date jar with fun date ideas for weekends when we can’t think of anything to do other than sleepy or watch TV. I’m setting up a gallery wall of pictures over my couch for some fun cheap decorating using frames I purchased at Goodwill. And I have gotten some great organizing tips and tricks for my bathroom (which is the size of a large phone booth). So all that creative research is not going to waste.

Most importantly, I’ve found a ton of awesome “skinny” recipes to aid in my journey to weight loss. I really needed to work on getting in more veggies, more water, and more lean protein. It seems so easy…but it’s just not. You get into these bad habits without even realizing it: A little Chipotle here, a little Red Robin there. Pretty soon you’ve gained 20 lbs and can no longer get up the stairs without gasping. So to Pinterest I went, to grab some good but healthy recipes to help.

Today I made this:

Crisp Chicken Salad with Apple and Basil

Crisp Chicken Salad with Apple and Basil

This is the week of the healthy lunch! This Crisp Chicken Salad with Apple and Basil is scrumptious, and using mostly Greek yogurt in place of mayo lightened it up significantly. You can find the recipe here at Maybe Matilda, which I found courtesy of my best frenemy, Pinterest.  My changes were: omitted shallots, only because I didn’t have any, subbed Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of mayo for flavor, added celery, and added a few dried cranberries, just bc I like a little tart in my chicken salad. 🙂

So let’s chat…leave me a comment with your fave healthy lunchbox meals and tell me what gets you pumped at lunch time!





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