Painted Glass

Today was perhaps a tad better than yesterday. Only a tad though. What kept me going today was knowing that I had several fun crafty things going at home that I could pick up when I was done with work.


So the X-Files and Breaking Bad were my soundtrack to pick up my glass painting project. The boyfriend gifted me with three huge spice jars when I helped him clear out his pantry (which let me tell you, is an organization story in and of itself!) I loved the shape! They looked like little mini glass milk bottles. I emptied out the jars and soaked them in a mixture of powdered OxiClean and water to get the labels off easily. The jars were a bit old and the labels were crazy sticky, so it took quite a bit of soaking and scrubbing to get the gunk off. When I was done, I was left with three sparkling jars.

I was originally going to turn these into painted spice jars but after considering them, I thought they would make cute vases. Since I’m on a budget for decorating, you can’t do better than free!

I wanted them to have some color since clear isn’t really that interesting. So I went to Michael’s and found the cheapest acrylic paint I could possibly find. No need to buy the expensive stuff for this. My little bottle was $.59 full price…woo! I wasn’t sure how much it would take, so I just got one to start.

There’s not much to this. Dump some paint in the glass container you want to prettify. Swirl it around. Do NOT try to use a brush, this depends on the paint being thick and naturally covering the glass. If you use a brush, it will streak. It’s a little tedious to cover all the spots (depending on your glass container), but worth it. I did this over a large piece of cardboard to prevent the paint getting on my floor while I held it upside down to spread the paint. You might see some extra paint pool in the bottom of your container, but don’t sweat it, It’s not really worth the hassle of taking it out.

So there you go! You could do this with any clear glass vase, jar, bowl, whatever. It looks so cool! How would you use this to decorate?


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