Retail Therapy on a Budget

So some weeks are hard. Some weeks are punch you in the gut, didn’t see it coming, I need a whole bottle of wine in one sitting hard. Sometimes, when you have one of these weeks, you need a little retail therapy.

I make a good living but living in an urban area has its drawbacks. A whole paycheck spent on rent doesn’t leave much to retail therapy with. Thankfully, I’m near a bunch of amazing thrift stores. I was hesitant to write about this because these thrift stores have been my source of amazing name brand goodies (most brand new and a lot with tags still attached) for years, and I don’t want to share! But I figured some of you might be having crappy weeks too and might need to blow off some steam and get some cool new things.

Today I went to happy hour and on my way home, decided to stop by my favorite spot to see if I could find a few things I wanted for my apartment. Ok fine…I also wanted a new dress. Shut up.

So for what would have cost me probably at least $70 brand new, I walked out with a super cute green GAP dress (brand new), a really unique and comfy fuchsia and lavender batik scarf, a tap light for my closet, and a floating shelf. All for under $20. SCORE.

Retail therapy, Goodwill style.

Retail therapy, Goodwill style.

I love thrift shopping, especially in my area. Stuff ain’t cheap, but it’s certainly better than going to the mall in most cases. The other cool thing about living in DC is that it’s a transitory area, with people picking up and moving suddenly without having time to have yard sales, etc. They end up donating things that they normally might sell which are in perfect condition. Which is helpful for me since I am a) cheap, b) poor, and c) eco-conscious. My favorite finds since moving back up to the area are: A whole new work wardrobe, including Ann Taylor Loft dresses for $5, a new cross body purse by Relic, a brand new dehumidifier for $15 (new ones can get into the hundreds of dollars), and a gorgeous Tory Burch cardigan.

So tell me: What amazing thrift store finds have you found lately?


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