More things about fat

Hey friends! Time to update you. I’ve lost…not that many pounds. BUT! I have noticed that my bumps are getting less bumpy, my cellulite is going away, and my energy level is going up up up. So I count that as a big FAT win. I honestly had to give up South Beach because oh muh guh. Sorry. I can (if I must) give up sugar, and starch, and caffeine. But fruit was my downfall. I LOVE IT. I can’t take not having an apple or some blueberries or something. So you know what?

I PUT IT BACK IN MY DIET. As my friend Heather says, if it grows on a tree, it’s pretty healthy, so don’t stress too much about eating fruits and veggies, you know? I love her. She’s so wise.

So crazily, even though that last entry was in February, some of ya’ll must be Facebook stalking me because it blew the hell up this week. I got a ton of comments on it. I also got private messages from friends doing their own diets, workouts, etc, just sharing stories. And guys, let me tell you…I know a lot of determined people. And you guys are warriors. And you know what?

Fat is just FAT. It’s not a measure of your worth, it doesn’t determine your coolness, your prettiness, your confidence. I know I sound like a fucking self help book right now but SERIOUSLY. Some of the shit I’ve heard girls say about their gorgeous perfect selves just because of a little fat?! COME ON. Get it together now, people. You are awesome. Fat doesn’t make you less awesome! Fat wants you to make it CRY because you’re sweating and getting healthy and having fun. Even if I stayed fat forever but was working out every day…I could live with that as long as I got that work out high and felt good about my efforts.

So please friends…keep working, keep making wise choices, but don’t forget to have fun. One Reese’s cup or a glass of wine will not kill you or make you gain 5 pounds. LIVE A LITTLE! Or a lot.

And just to drive this home, here are some pictures of full figured models that I’m in love with. Tell me you don’t think they’re sexy. I DARE YOU.



Crystal Renn




Kat Denning


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